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I received my first box yesterday, what a treat. A great selection of wines that I wouldn't think of discovering on my own. I loved the book with further wine information and a couple of recipes.

Can't wait to explore more regions in the months to come.

It’s lovely being able to try local Nz wines

Great selection of wines and haven’t had a bad bottle yet! I like that it’s a different winery each month allowing you to try wines you might not ordinarily try. Ability to change from red/white/mixed each month is handy.

Only improvement is you don’t know when you’ll get your order after payment is taken. Account updates to fulfilled under shipping but it can take a week before the wine actually arrives.

Very happy with our first selection from St Clair, good value for money, great wine, and a very helpful booklet received with the wine

because you guys are amazing ! (actually, I love the brand and the packaging, obviously the wine, and the customer service. we are heading away and so I have to cancel the subscription, BUT ... totally recommending you guys. Keep up the good work ! x

A good selection of different vineyards and a good selection of different wines.

Orders delivered on time. Good selection from each vineyard and so far enjoyed the wines.

I love it! Love that I get 6 bottles a month from a different vineyard.

Love the variety each month and it’s great value

Good variety of wines from quality wineries.

Great variety in each box, and love the notes about each wine and recipes.

I love the wineries you have selected so far! Their wine is lovely, and the price is great. I love having the wine monster delivered to.my door. Wine notes and recipes are great!

The booklet was very interesting but because there is a wide variety of wines (we got white), I am stuck with wines that are not to my taste. I'm aware that this is about tasting and expanding your horizons and I think it's a really great idea, but if the packs could be modified it would make it more enjoyable for me and worth the money spent.

Great service, love the concept, enjoy the delivery and love the brand

Good service and fun way to experience wines from around nz and support local.

Interesting, pleasant wines but probably not standout in my opinion so far. Enjoying reading the tasting notes though. I know it's a small thing but a typo in the last email ie the incorrect winery name (no doubt a copy and paste and no alteration made had me wondering about the admin checking system. Otherwise good and prepared to continue sampling.

Hiya ! It was a gift to my parents for Xmas and they are absolutely loving it. Great idea, great products and they loved the little booklet that comes with each delivery. Will and have already highly recommended to others. X

Bexause wine monster is unique that it selects a different winery every month

Great idea - to focus on NZ wineries - one at a time - love the opportunity to try different - quality wines at a reasonable cost - love the tasting notes

Love tasting wines we would not necessarily choose ourselves

Ease of availability and delivery and payment. Chance ti focus on a specific winery. Great info about wines supplied.

I’ve already recommended WM to several friends

i liked the idea of trying different wines from NZ . A wine tour in my lounge.

The wine itself is excellent, but the bit I really enjoy is learning a little about each style/vintage from each booklet. I am relatively new to wine and keen to learn, so this deal is great for me

The packaging is superb and customer service is just as great as beer monster. I couldn't be happier

My husband and I have been so impressed with every bottle of wine we have received! Two of our three deliveries have been from our absolutely favorite wineries! You guys are a perfect match for us!